Plateau de Diesse – Tessenberg


The high plateau between the Bielersee lake and Chasseral, at around 800m altitude, has been connected though a funicular railway from Ligerz to Prêles since over a century.
The so-called "vinifuni" first travels past the vineyard and picturesque Ligerz church, followed by the forest at the mountain station in order to reach the edge of the plane.

Hikes and bike tours lead along diverse trails to the Chasseral, over the Mont Sujet to Prés-d'Orvin, over the Twannberg to Magglingen or through the Twannbach Gorge and vineyard back to the lake.
Altitude: 818m
Train from Biel or Neuchâtel to Ligerz and with the funicular railway to Prêles (Tessenberg)
View: Through vineyards over the Bielersee lake as far as the Petersinsel; by fine weather and clear views the entire Swiss Alps chain
Attractions: Jura hikes; Vini-scooter to Twann for groups, wine trail between Twann and Ligerz (1hour) and vine museum, "Hof" by Ligerz (only in summer), playground by the "vinifuni" mountain station in Prêles
Culinary aspects: Fish restaurants and cosy wine bars in Ligerz, "La Buvette" bby the valley station in Prêles
Overnight stays: Hotels by Lake Biel, Montagne de Diesse and Chasseral
Groups: Extra "vinifuni" trips to the Pilgerweg stop and Ligerz church for marriages.
Aarbergerhaus in Ligerz for music days, theater or small arts, seminars and meetings (up to 50 people)
Winter: Since the summer of 2012, playground by the "vinifuni" mountain station in Prêles.
Special comments: German down under and French on top!

General info

  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)


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