Winter-Waldweg Bodmen

Local route No. 870, Saas-Fee–Saas-Almagell


Local route
No. 870 (Saas-Fee–Saas-Almagell)
6 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 190 m • ↓ 190 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1670 m • 1804 m
Hiking time
2 h 5 min
Fitness level
A pleasant walk through the snow-bedecked larch forest between Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell. The downhill gradient is almost always gentle, taking you past the Bodmen Forest House with its petting zoo. Ideal for families!
This short but varied winter hike consists almost entirely of gentle descents or straight sections, except for a short climb at the start. The Bodmen Forest House with its petting zoo is a highlight. This makes the tour ideal for families with children. This winter hike begins in the glacier village of Saas-Fee. 13 peaks of 4,000 meters or more surround this famous winter sports resort. From the "Post" bus stop, the route starts out downhill to the Panorama Bridge, which spans a deep gorge. After the bridge and a short walk straight ahead, a forest path branches off to the left. This path climbs gently to the forest clearing of Grundbiel, from where you can admire beautiful views of Saas-Fee and the mountains above it. From here, there is a continuous gentle descent through forest towards Saas-Almagell. After a little over one kilometer, the route passes the Waldhüs Bodmen (Forest House). Built in 1773 from larch tree trunks, this inn has a spacious terrace and is home to a petting zoo. The route continues through the forest from here, and the gradient is always gently downhill. At Ze Ruffinu hamlet, the forest opens up to reveal a view of this tour's destination: Saas-Almagell, the furthermost of the four villages in the Saas Valley, and the smallest.

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