Solothurner Uferweg

Accessible route No. 486, Solothurn–Zuchwil
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Accessible route
No. 486 (Solothurn–Zuchwil)
3 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 10 m • ↓ 20 m
Lowest point • Highest point
427 m • 432 m
Hiking time
40 min
medium (for wheelchair users)
Fitness level
medium (for wheelchair users)
Solothurn, known as a magnificent baroque town, also has picturesque spots on the River Aare to discover on this route. The riverside path quickly leaves the bustling town behind and takes you into a relaxing natural world.
This tour starts at the busy railway station in Solothurn, which you leave in the direction of the town centre. You soon reach the banks of the Aare and step into an idyllic riverside setting - far from the area of heavy traffic. The views over the sparkling waters and lush, wild-growing surroundings have a beneficial and relaxing effect. The natural, untouched river bank is lined with gnarled trees and a variety of flora. The Aare is revealed in its wide river bed and you repeatedly come across shady spots at the waterside, inviting you to take a break. Now and then you catch sight of a boat chugging on the river. One stretch leads through light, airy forest. The route follows an easy path, constantly with extensive views over the charming region. In the distance you see the Jura heights gently framing the region. On arrival in Zuchwil, you again let your gaze rest on the emerald-green Aare, your faithful companion along the entire route.

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