Jumping in cross-country skis? It can be done โ€“ and worth trying out! Just in front of the cross-country centre, a slope has been prepared that offers a novel way of getting into cross-country skiing.
The 12 stages along the Favos cross-country ski course encourage skiers and help them to improve their balance and coordination โ€“ having fun while doing so. This includes exercises such as ski jumping, doing a spot of slalom or skiing across a seesaw. Davos Nordic Park is located at the cross-country ski centre on Hertistrasse in the centre of the 175-kilometre long network of cross-country trails. Use of the facility is open to all free of charge throughout the entire winter season.
The ground floor of the cross-country ski centre contains a lounge area with catering facilities, dressing rooms, toilets and a waxing room.

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  • Suitable for: Children

Ski Club Davos Weltcup - Davos Nordic

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