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The museum includes the castles of Lenzburg, Wildegg, Hallwyl, Habsburg, the monastery of Königsfelden, the Legionnaire's Path, the Wettingen Monastery Peninsula, the Vindonissa Legionary Trail, the Vindonissa Museum, the Egliswil Collection Centre and the Aabach Industrial CulTOUR. Each of these monuments is an authentic witness to a long history.
Lenzburg Castle – fortress of knights and dragons
Lenzburg Castle, one of Switzerland's largest and most important hilltop fortresses, was once home to counts, dukes, bailiffs, a German poet and an American adventurer. The museum includes an exhibit on knighthood and nobility, a lifestyle museum, an authentic prison and a history studio. This museum is a well-orchestrated theme park showcasing various living environments. Highlights for families include the kid's museum and Fauchi, the castle's own baby dragon, and a dragon research station. An experience for young and old alike.
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Wildegg Castle – baroque castle and garden experience

Founded by the Habsburgs in the early 13th century, the castle is now surrounded by gardens, pastures and vineyards. The castle domain was owned by 11 generations of the Effinger family. It covers an area of about 100 hectares, with 37 buildings, gardens, an organic estate farm, vineyards, forest and fishing rights. Discover the castle's past an its historic horticulture!
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Hallwyl Castle – experience culture and nature
This romantic moated castle is only a stone's throw away from the nature conservation area on the shores of Lake Hallwil. The rooms inside the castle show what life was like for an aristocratic Aargau family. A tempting combination of culture and nature!
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Habsburg Castle – seat of a major world dynasty

Founded in about 1030, this double fortress was the original seat of the Habsburgs, who adopted its name. After they rose to glory in the late Middle Ages, the Habsburgs ruled a global empire with vast possessions in Europe and colonies in America, Asia and Africa. Their 700-year rule was partly made possible by a judicious marriage policy. The «Royal Habsburg Trail» has six audio stations that narrate the dynasty's origins and global dominion. The castle has a small exhibit on the history of the building and the settlement, with insights into everyday life at the castle. Explore the castle gardens and enjoy the panoramic view.
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Königsfelden Monastery – Habsburg memories

Visitors to this mystical spot (once Roman territory) walk in the footsteps of the mighty Habsburgs, a family of kings and emperors.
Over 700 years ago, two Habsburg queens founded a Poor Clare and Franciscan monastery for the spiritual salvation of deceased Habsburgs. The 14th-century stained glass windows are among Europe's finest late mediaeval works of this genre, with an exceptionally intact series of images. The monastery is now a cultural oasis, with dance performances and concerts that are fixed items on Aargau's cultural agenda. Let yourself be inspired!
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Vindonissa Windisch Legionnaires' Trail – Roman adventure park.
Windisch Legionnaires' Trail plunges visitors into the fascinating history of Switzerland's only Roman legionnaires' camp. 6000 legionnaires prepared themselves for their campaings here. Today, visitors can see, hear and feel life as it was lived by the legionnaires and officers 2000 years ago. Experience the world of the ancients with all your senses!
IndustriekulTOUR Aabach - Virtually through industrial history
Experience the industrial culture along the Aabach in the Lenzburg region virtually: with your smartphone, patrons and workers' families come to life. The IndustriekulTOUR Aabach is the first virtual museum space in the canton of Aargau. Start an exciting tour along the Aabach with your smartphone and meet personalities from the era of industrialisation at the original sites.
Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen
Switzerland's best-preserved Cistercian monastery with its magnificent monastery church and historic gardens offers interactive exhibitions and tours. Culture, education, history and hospitality merge at the place of power on the Limmat.
Vindonissa Museum
Original Roman finds from the only legionary camp in Switzerland

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  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day), 4 to 8 hours (full day)
  • Experience Type: Education

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