Dadaism, the most important art movement that has ever started in Zurich, had its origins at the legendary Cabaret Voltaire almost 100 years ago. Today, the Cabaret Voltaire once again plays a central role in the modern Dada movement and also has a nice little upstairs cafe.
The Dada art movement was founded in 1916 at the Cabaret Voltaire, on the Spiegelgasse in the picturesque Zurich Niederdorf, as a «protest against the madness of the times». Artists, musicians, dancers and literati met at the Cabaret Voltaire and called all of the existing art into question. From here, Dada came into the world – and an international art revolution was born.

Nowadays, the Dadahaus, with its exhibitions, events and bar, as well as its small specialised lending library, is open to the public. Dada enthusiasts will particularly enjoy a stay at the Hotel Limmatblick, where all the rooms are individually decorated in Dada style.

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