Unsure whether canyoning is something for you? Well as easy, yet real canyon, there’s no better place to find out than the Saxeten Canyon!
The canyon lies close to Interlaken’s tourism center, offering everything imaginable in the world of canyoning: Abseiling, jumps into pools of water and rocky water-slides – but in a slightly smaller and easier version as compared with most other canyons. And of course all this makes it a perfect place to cautiously get the feel and idea of what canyoning is all about!

Thanks to a tour-length of just three and a half hours - from start to finish base - the Saxeten canyon is also ideal for those with limited time or wanting to invest solely half a day in the sport. So now you know! Nobody has to give up the idea of canyoning, and here you’re permitted an easy start with a few small and narrow spots, surprising water sculptures in the form of rocks, bubbling pool and small to medium-sized waterfalls. A canyon for all.


Canyon: Saxeten
Where: Interlaken
Activities: Canyoning
Levels of difficulty: + to ++

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  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Suitable for: Groups

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