Längenegg Bike

Local route No. 304, Näfels–Näfels
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Local route
No. 304 (Näfels–Näfels)
41 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 1450 m • ↓ 1450 m
Lowest point • Highest point
436 m • 1817 m
Fitness level
This tour leads from Oberseetal valley to Klöntal valley around Rautispitz mountain through pristine alpine scenery. At the end of the Obersee, you may come across people who own a vacation home there, but afterwards all you will hear is the sound of cowbells.
The starting point of this mountain biking tour is Näfels (436 m). On the first 7 km you will climb steadily through cool forest, crossing the Rautibach several times, up to the Obersee at 992 m. The route continues along the Obersee on a paved road, ascending slightly at first, then becoming gradually steeper until you reach Sulz (1372 m). This is followed by a somewhat bumpy ride going up quickly and it takes stamina and technical skill to master this rough trail. From Ober Lachenalp to Längeneggpass (1814 m) the bike has to be pushed or carried (approx. 30 min., 120 m rise in altitude). The highest point of the tour offers fantastic views of nearby Redertenstock, the adjacent Muttristock and along the mountain range to Lachenstock and Zindlenspitz. On the opposite side you will see the massive rock walls of the Glärnisch and Vrenelisgärtli mountains. The downhill section begins on foot again on partly loamy and soft ground. Technically skilled bikers may be in the saddle from the start. The trail soon becomes a bit wider and continues to improve. Some longer sections across grassy rocks are ideal for fast riding. An extended downhill section leads to the Pragelpassstrasse. Follow this road to the end of Lake Klöntal and continue along the lake to Rhodannenberg where the Klöntalerstrasse descends to Riedern above Glarus. Take a left turn at Restaurant Staldengarten in Riedern to get to the main road just before leaving Netstal. Follow the main road for a while to the bike trail which takes you back to Näfels.

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