Schloss Weinberg – Wine Seminars


At Schloss Weinberg local wines are pressed and bottled. The quality of the wine begins with tending the vines, which are looked after and cared for by a dedicated crew.
Instead of producing quantity, the castle’s winery sets great store by quality in the vineyard and wine cellar. With a yield of 600 grams per square meter the harvested quantity is far below the limit permissible for quality wine. The strict limit imposed on quantity leads to more body and a very pleasing character of the wine.

How about an adventure trip to Schloss Weinberg? Why not attend one of the three wine seminars? See more information here.

Monday to Saturday from 2 p.m., or by appointment

Capacity: At any time 60 persons, when the weather is fine, 120 persons

Advance reservation is mandatory

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