Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps

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The series of “Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps“ comprises a selection of 111 of the almost 1,000 known archaeological pile dwelling stations in the six countries surrounding the Alps. (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Slovenia). Of these, 56 are discovered in Switzerland.
The series is made up of remains of prehistoric pile dwelling settlements from the period 5000 to 500 BC. Although they lay dormant beneath numerous layers of sediment, it’s possible to "view" this natural phenomenon thanks to the iPhone or Android “Palafittes Guide” application. And there’s plenty of interesting information worth reading on the app. At many locations, the app shows you what treasures from the past slumber under your feet - or in front of you - at the bottom of the lake. Remnants from the pile dwellings and lakeside dwellers who once lived here. In addition to a map of the sites from the lacustrine age you also find lots of useful information and texts on topics such as tradition, settlements, scientific methods and the importance of the prehistoric pile dwellings as world cultural heritage.These settlements are found under water, by lakes and rivers and in wetlands. Pile constructions provide exceptional conditions for the preservation of organic materials such as wood, textiles as well as plant and bone remains.

The five pile dwellings on Lake Biel are among the finest prehistoric sites in the world. And amazingly enough, despite them having laid dormant beneath many layers of sediment since time eternal, thanks to the iphone and Android “Palafittes Guide“ App, one can actually "view" them today. The valuable App provides a wealth of interesting facts and information worth reading!

In addition, numerous special exhibitions, museums, private collections and archaeological parks provide visitors an opportunity to immerse in history and reconstructed pile dwellings of times long gone by.

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