Thurgauer Rebenweg

Local route No. 910, Oberneunforn–Frauenfeld
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Local route
No. 910 (Oberneunforn–Frauenfeld)
14 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 240 m • ↓ 300 m
Lowest point • Highest point
387 m • 536 m
Hiking time
3 h 35 min
easy (hiking trail)
Fitness level
This hike with its many views offers a unique view of the Thurtal and the distant Alps throughout its entire length. In this vineyard region, you will hike alongside the well-known Iselisberg to the Kartause Ittingen in Warth, a Carthusian monastery and cultural centre of international importance.
From Oberneunforn the hiking trail leads southward on a pleasant slope to Niederneunforn. This is where the main vineyard hike begins along the well-known Iselisberg. You can enjoy the unique views of the Thurtal and the distant Alps on this elevated path. One special feature of this part of the route is the numerous attractive vineyard cottages. The path continues, at times through cool woods that are rich in plant life, to the former Carthusian monastery, Kartause Ittingen, in Warth. When the monastery was dissolved in 1848 the buildings were transferred to private ownership. As a foundation, the monastery is now a living cultural and conference centre and is home to the Thurgau art museum as well as a restaurant and a shop with its own products. At mid-height, in an easterly direction, the path passes through the meadow region to Thur. The once canalised river that gave the canton its name has since been renaturalised. There are a number of discoveries that can be made here in the meadow landscape and traces of the beaver can also be found. The hiking trail crosses the Thur on the Rohrerbrücke and continues along the Murg, through the military training area to Frauenfeld station. The hike concludes in the main town of Thurgau. The palace that was built here by the Kyburgs around 1200, which is now the canton’s historical museum, and the old city centre are worth visiting.

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