Fallenbach Canyon: Amden’s Rain Forest-like canyon


The adventure-packed Fallenbach Canyon by Amden am Wallensee offers a truly diverse canyoning experience close to Zurich. Ideal for beginners and interesting for the experienced.
Whoever reckons you have to go down to Ticino to enjoy a great canyoning experience is wrong! The Fallenbach Canyon is characterized through great diversity in a most attractive natural setting that leads in part through stretches of water similar to those of the Rain Forest. The smoothly eroded rocks are for the most part adorned with lush-green ferns and shimmering moss, between which crystal-clear pools of green lead to the depths of the wildly bubbling waters.

A canyon well suited to beginners (as well as children) with easy initial stretch in a wooded environment, in preparation for the second slightly more difficult stretch of water. All jumps are optional, and you can reach lower levels courtesy of a rope and canyon guide! And those unexpectedly changing their minds midway can easily exit the canyon - although to be honest, who’s likely to want to miss out on adventurous water slides, exciting jumps and the fun of being lowered with a rope. Abseil descents into the depths directly by a waterfall – or clambering down a safe cascade of water in a similar manner are unforgettable experiences in the Amden Canyon - and open to all!


Canyon: Fallenbachschlucht
Where: Amden/Weesen
Activities: Canyoning
Levels of difficulty: + to ++

General info

  • Suitable for: Groups
  • Needed time: 4 to 8 hours (full day)

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