Local route No. 502, Balmberg–Balmberg


Local route
No. 502 (Balmberg–Balmberg)
8 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 440 m • ↓ 440 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1055 m • 1395 m
Hiking time
2 h 40 min
easy (hiking trail)
Fitness level
This panoramic loop tour across the Solothurn heights leads from Balmberg via Röti to the Weissenstein summit. Here, you will be able to enjoy clear views from the Säntis all the way to the Mont Blanc. Via Schofgraben you return to the starting point.
The loop tour starts at the Kurhaus Balmberg. On the ascent to Nesselbodenröti, the Rötifluh provides a glimpse into the geology of the Solothurn Jura. Near Nesselbodenröti, at an altitude of 1223 metres, you can make a detour to the imposing Balmfluechöpfli viewpoint. The lakes of Biel, Neuchâtel and Murten seem close enough to touch from up here. The Röti, the highest point between Weissenstein and Balmberg, is reached after a short climb in the opposite direction. At the triangulation point you may want to linger for a bit and enjoy the view over the Vosges, towards the Black Forest and to the huge steam cloud of the Gösgen nuclear power plant. From Röti, the path leads pleasantly downhill to the cable car top station and the Weissenstein hotel. The Weissenstein is considered the local mountain of the city of Solothurn. How about a glass of regional wine in the restaurant? If the weather is favourable, the view reaches from the Säntis all the way to the Mont Blanc. And even into space: on the Weissenstein, there is a planetary theme path to Untergrenchenberg. Perhaps an idea for the next hike in the Solothurn region? Because the route described here branches off to the right at the planet Mars. Via Schofgraben and Balmberg pass, the hike ends back at the starting point. Before returning, a visit to the Jura garden directly below the terrace of the Hotel Weissenstein is also worthwhile. There, some 200 plants typical of the Solothurn Jura and the neighbouring areas can be admired in a botanical garden. They are lovingly tended and labelled with signs between June and September. Adventure seekers will have fun at the rope park on the Balmberg: with its ten courses, it is one of the largest in Switzerland, including several tyroliennes up to 174 metres long.

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