Ridge hike in a rosy sunset


Highlights include not only the view of the 10 lakes or the countless mountain peaks, but also the chance to overnight under the sparkling starry sky.
You can take the steepest funicular railway in the world to the car-free mountain village of Stoos. The last train for the Chlingenstock eaves just before 4 p.m. On the ridge itself an incredible view opens up with countless peaks and 10 lakes. Over the next hour, the short ridge walk to the Fronalpstock can be enjoyed in near-isolation. When you arrive at the Fronalpstock mountain restaurant, you can look forward to a delicious dinner with picturesque views thrown in. Bring the day to a memorable end in the hotel at 1,920 metres above sea level or under the stars in an Australian swag. You’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag if you're planning to stay in the swag. The next day you will return to the mountain village of Stoos, either by train or by descending on foot.

General info

  • Season: June - August
  • Needed time: 2 days
  • Outdoor

Fronalpstock Hotel | Restaurant

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