On Muleteers' Trails through the Leventina

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In the olden days, those that crossed the Gotthard Pass still had a long way to the plains far below. There was another barrier in Rodi in the Upper Leventina: the narrow Piottino Gorge carved out of the Monte Piottino by the Ticino River.
The historic throughway was so narrow that it was an ideal place to put a customs house and an inn, the Dazio Grande. The original Urner Route dating back to 1561 was restored to its former being. It is now resplendent showcasing many fascinating aspects of nature and history. One can espy the Ticino shimmering among the rounded off gneiss blocks, and from far one can see the various modes of transportation that use the Gotthard these days: cars, trains as they enter and exit the switchback tunnels, and the yellow Swiss Post Bus. Only the hiking trail goes through this natural paradise. At its beginning is the lovely old garden of the inn, which invites visitors to sit down and relax.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation to the Dazio Grande near Rodi via Airolo or Bellinzona

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