Beromünster Radio Trail

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The municipality of Beromünster is also known as the home of Swiss radio, because Radio Beromünster has ruled the airwaves of German-speaking Switzerland since the 1930s.. You can find out more about the radio’s history by hiking along the Beromünster Radio Trail.
The Beromünster Radio Trail is one of many Swiss cultural trails. This gentle hike starts at Beromünster bus station and ends on the Blosenberg looking down on the transmission tower. The trail takes you past seven listening stations, where you can immerse yourself in the eventful history of the radio. The stations play original audio files and tell you more about the people who brought the radio to life. If, at the end, you want to find out even more about the radio’s history, join the 90-minute guided tour of the KKLB centre of art and culture.
The trail is open 365 days a year and is freely accessible to all visitors. There’s a snackbar on the route and a barbecue spot at the radio transmission tower. You can also take part in guided tours along the Radio Trail, during which Wetz, an artist at the helm of the KKLB, and his team regale you with even more interesting anecdotes about the radio’s history. 

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  • Needed time: 1-2 hours

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