Local route No. 812, Klosters, Gotschnaboden–Klosters


Local route
No. 812 (Klosters, Gotschnaboden–Klosters)
4 km
Lowest point • Highest point
1171 m • 1780 m
The toboggan run from Gotschnaboden leads to Klosters over gentle undulations and through steep bends. Madrisa can be seen on the opposite slope, while the Prättigau valley and the Silvretta Glacier also add to the winter scenery.
The first section of the famous Gotschnabahn cable car near Klosters Platz railway station carries sledgers up to Gotschnaboden (1,780 m above sea level). From here, they can see the Madrisa ski resort on the opposite side, which families in particular consider the highlight of the destination. But the panorama also includes the picturesque Prättigau valley that glows magically in winter. If they lean a little to the right, they can even glimpse the Silvretta Glacier in the distance. Once they're on the toboggan, though, sledgers need to concentrate fully on the run. The descent starts right next to the cable car station and soon leads into the «Usser Zugwald» forest. There are lots of characteristic, gentle undulations and steep bends along the way. While these are quite challenging and require good footwear, they are all fitted with safety nets. After an adrenaline-filled ride, why not end the day with some après-ski at the finish line?

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