These days, Castello Visconti houses an archaeological museum with a collection of valuable vases and hand-blown glass goblets. Next to it is the Rivellino, a former defensive bastion. According to some historical documents and more recent studies, this is said to be the work of the great master Leonardo da Vinci.
After expanding their sphere of influence to Lake Maggiore during the 13th century, the Milanese Visconti family had a castle built here. The powerful family decided to extend an existing fortress, the origins of which can be traced back to the year 998. 

In 1513, the Viscontis were finally driven out of the area. They were succeeded by federal bailiffs, who enforced their own laws here for the next 300 years. But these also lost their position of power after the Helvetic Republic was established. 

Although the Castello Visconteo was destroyed several times over the centuries and then rebuilt, it has never lost its reputation as one of the most important buildings in Locarno
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