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Local route No. 295, Giswil–Giswil


Local route
No. 295 (Giswil–Giswil)
9 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 220 m • ↓ 220 m
Lowest point • Highest point
482 m • 644 m
Fitness level
Bunny hop, nose wheelie, dropping, tips and tricks for riding uphill or down: this trail has various stations where biking techniques for alpine terrain can be picked up. The route on both sides of the Laui river leads through the Giswil valley floor, mostly in the forest.
The area around Giswil is shaped by Lake Sarnen. It is surrounded by mountains, dominated by the Giswilerstock. To the south, the landscape opens up in the direction of the Lungern high valley and the Brünig Pass with views of the snow-capped Wetterhorn group. The Laui, one of the largest mountain streams in Switzerland, meanders through the valley floor. The Sarner Aa tributary is more than 10 km long and very popular, especially with families who love to grill here and play in the water during the summer. And there is action for mountain bikers on both sides of the stream: over a distance of just under 10 km they are guided across the valley floor by a marked route with 17 stations. The signposted route starts at the Giswil train station. The first stations are located adjacent to the Schärmehüttli rest area near the Pfedli forest depot. The trail continues on forest trails and over embankments to Rietlisteg. After a wooden bridge across the Laui, the trail leads up to Zimmerplatz. On the return, the route crosses the Grund forest area to the covered bridge and ultimately arrives at the Giswil train station. Each individual station is designed to learn the foundations of a solid biking technique. Signs are posted to explain various manoeuvres, including tips and tricks. The bikers are challenged only by natural obstacles, such as large rocks or tree trunks. In addition, at each station a QR code can be scanned in with a smartphone, which leads directly to an interactive tutorial video showing the respective manoeuvers. They can be practiced at different levels of difficulty allowing both beginners and experts to improve their skills in the Giswil biking park and to prepare for tours in an Alpine terrain.

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