Local route No. 872, Saas-Fee, Obere Wildi–Saas-Fee, Obere Wildi


Local route
No. 872 (Saas-Fee, Obere Wildi–Saas-Fee, Obere Wildi)
5 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 240 m • ↓ 240 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1818 m • 2035 m
Hiking time
1 h 55 min
Fitness level
This path was laid out in honour of the writer Carl Zuckmayer, and it recalls the man who was once Saas-Fee's most famous resident. The hike takes you through the forests above this mountain village, interspersed with many clearings.
Carl Zuckmayer worked as a dramatist at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin at the same time as Bertolt Brecht, and he numbered among Germany's best-known writers at that time. However, his works were gradually forgotten after his death in 1977. One reason for this may be that Zuckmayer retreated here in 1957 after he fled the Nazi regime in 1933 to seek exile in the USA: he lived in the "Haus Vogelweide" on the outskirts of Saas-Fee village. He spent his last years here until his death and burial in Saas-Fee in 1977. Laid out in the playwright's honour, the Carl Zuckmayer winter hiking trail is a circular route through the forests above the mountain village. It starts at Haus Vogelweide in the Wildi district of the village, and ascends gently along a marked path through dense forest. At the Bärufalla forest clearing with its two stables, the path veers back towards Saas Fee. There is a continuous gentle ascent through the Schliechtuwald forest, past Mälchbodu clearing, until you reach the hike's highest point at the Café Alpenblick. The café's spacious sun terrace is an inviting spot for a break. From here, the trail zig-zags back down through the Haltuwald forest, but the gradient is not very steep. Further down, the forest of fir and larch trees opens up to give you clear views of the village of Saas-Fee. Over flat terrain along the edge of the village, the route now returns you to your starting point at Zuckmayer's home, Haus Vogelweide.

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