Grünes Band Bern

Local route No. 888, Belp, Flughafen–Belp, Flughafen


Local route
No. 888 (Belp, Flughafen–Belp, Flughafen)
58 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 950 m • ↓ 950 m
Lowest point • Highest point
481 m • 677 m
Fitness level
You only have to pedal a little way to plunge into greenery: this 59-km route links the communes around Bern, the "bike city". It takes you round the southern part of Bern and its relaxing cultural landscapes to Lake Wohlen. Further north, you pass through expansive landscapes with views of the Bernese Alps and the River Aare.
On the «Grünes Band» (Green Belt) route, you are free to choose your direction of travel, where you start and which stage you cover. It's worth making regular stops along the way to enjoy the views, take a closer look at a tree or watch dragonflies flitting over a pond. At the marked «experience points», you can learn useful, amusing and surprising facts about nature and agriculture. Tree-trunk benches at these locations also invite you to linger awhile, with illustrated information on the itinerary so you are always fully aware of the next highlights along the route. The route starts at Bern-Belp Airport (Bern Airport) and takes you to Kehrsatz along the national riparian zone of Belper Giessen and through the Belpmoos area which is well-known throughout Switzerland. After a gentle climb the whole landscape opens onto the Aare River and the Gürbetal Valley, as well as the Bernese Alps beyond. After the climb, the route carries on to the south of Mt. Gurten through the scenic Köniz Valley and on to Köniz Castle. The next destination is the nationally significant hamlet of Herzwil with its characteristic Bernese farmhouses. You will soon reach a more urban environment down in Niederwangen. The route carries on through the Bottigenmoos lowlands and ends in the village of «Chäs u Brot» near Oberbottigen. It is said that the Bern army had a meal there on their way to the Battle of Laupen in 1339. Finally, you cycle to Riedbach and then down to Frauenkappelen on Lake Wohlen. The route then takes you through cultural landscapes, hamlets and villages and finally over the Wohlei Bridge to Hinterkappelen. Following a climb to Wohlen, the route continues along the foothills of Mt. Frienisberg. Well-hidden in the gently cultivated landscapes surrounding Wohlen and Kirchlindach are the two upland moors of Lörmoos and Büsselimoos which are under conservation management. A good five kilometres north of Bern, the route passes through Zollikofen. To the south-east, at the Grauholz service area, you cross the motorway over a bridge. However, you soon reach the countryside again. This is followed by a climb to the picturesque hamlet of Habstetten before reaching the Worblental Valley near Deisswil after a slight descent. The route then leads through the Gümligental Valley to Gümligen. Via Allmendigen, you cycle down to the River Aare. The final section leads along the River Aare and the River Giesse through the meadow landscape to the destination near Bern-Belp Airport.

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