Le Port de Fribourg, a place to relax in the heart of the Old Town


Since 2014, Le Port has opened its doors from May to September as an inviting place for people to pass the time. The seasonal project, located on the site of an old gas works, offers the general public a wide range of activities free of charge.
It is a piece of nature in the centre of the city. Le Port’s bistro offers refined seasonal cuisine made of regional products and herbs from the community garden. In addition to the garden restaurant on the banks of the River Saane, people can enjoy a social and cultural programme that includes outdoor Tai Chi, yoga, readings, knitting and theatre. Both young and old enjoy the green oasis in the Old Town of Fribourg. Le Port progressed long ago from being a secret spot to the favourite place of many Fribourg natives – and a lot of them already start longing for the next season as early as autumn.

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