Sihltal - Sihlsprung - Sihlwald


From the Sihlsprung up to the entrance to metropolitan Zürich, the valley is a mixture of urban and rustic landscapes. The origin of the Sihl River is to be found on the 2283-meter Drusberg. The Sihl flows through the Sihl Lake near Einsiedeln and meanders through the Sihl Valley (Sihltal) towards Zürich.
A 4-hour hiking tour starts in Schönenberg ZH and proceeds alongside the Sihl River via Sihlbrugg to Sihlwald. Shortly after Sihlmatt, the hiking trail takes you to an old tunnel of the Zürich Water Supply. After the tunnel the gorge becomes narrow and turns into the Sihlsprung, or Sihl Rapids. The Sihl wends its way for several meters through high rock faces. Subsequently, rapids and sand banks define the landscape. Near Sihlbrugg you have to leave this impressive natural landscape for a short while and cross a busy road. Now your hiking tour skirts the riverside of the Sihl before reaching Sihlwald. At Sihlwald railway station you will also find the visitor centre of the Zurich Wilderness Park with a museum, an otter enclosure that is freely accessible at all times and an aquarium.

Stiftung Wildnispark Zürich

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