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Klinik für Komplementärmedizin
Zürcherstrasse 22A
8852 Altendorf SZ


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CLINICA MEDICUS - Outpatient clinic for complementary medicine


At Clinica Medicus, in the beautifully situated Seepark (Altendorf). Since 1995, we have made every effort to restore your health gently and holistically. Our treatment offer is based on the foundations of holistic, biologically-natural non-invasive methods; especially Chinese medicine, anthroposophic medicine and general western natural medicine. Of course, as a complementary medical clinic we also offer conventional medical treatments (family medicine / internal medicine, physiotherapy). We accordingly offer a broad and modern basic service for all insurance classes.

A variety of therapies and treatment methods give us the opportunity to reconcile disorders and disharmony in the organism.

Our offers

• Traditional Chinese medicine
• Acupuncture
• Internal Medicine (conventional medicine)
• Anthroposophic medicine
• Phytotherapy
• Dietetics - nutritional advice
• Bioelectrical impedance analysis
• Detoxification
• Physical therapy
• MTT - Medical Training Therapy
• Spiral-dynamic therapy
• Sports, Health & Medical Massages
• Colon-Hydro-Therapy
• Health check
• Craniosakraltherapie
• Shiatsu
• Lymphatic drainage
• Shock Wave Therapy
• Electrotherapy
• Valedo Motion
• Medimouse (measurement of statics + dynamics of the spine)

Complementary medicine for your health

It is our top priority to treat and accompany you competently and holistically.
The basis for the recipe for success - our team of top-qualified doctors and therapists ensure a professional and pleasant atmosphere.

Giuseppe Ferramosca and team

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Opening hours

Mon-Tue 08:00-18:00
Wed 08:00-15:00
Thu 08:00-18:00
Fri 08:00-14:00

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