Chaletbau Annen AG

Chaletbau Annen AG

Chaletbau Annen Holding AG
Chaletbau und Innenausbau
Mattenstrasse 39
3780 Gstaad BE


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Saanenland has maintained its traditional authentic exterior style of chalets over all the years to date. Chalet Annen uses the most modern technologies to cater for all the luxury and comfort of today's world. Many love old wood buildings because of their genuine, noble and historic character. Centuries-old houses and barns are being demolished, the wood carefully dismantled, washed and restored. This restores the original charm of the building. Chaletbau Annen attaches great importance to the needs of humans and animals. Be it a conversion of an existing building, a new building, Chalet Annen always seeks to find the best, most environmentally friendly solution. In addition to new designs, our company also focuses on meeting customer demand. For example, alterations or renovations of old farmhouses and barns to make customers' lifelong dreams come true. Thanks to glued wood and new composite techniques, it is now possible for us to prepare a rational, precise and dry construction with prefabricated elements. This method allows an optimally short construction time. Kitchen and bathroom can combine the most modern materials with the warm wood. Whether this is classic, traditional or modern, you can always combine the functional with the comfortable. We manufacture solid wood furniture to measure, depending on your wishes in new or old wood. These furniture will fit perfectly in your living space and create a homely atmosphere.

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