Dermatologie & Schönheitszentrum Pallas Winterthur

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Dermatologie & Schönheitszentrum Pallas Winterthur

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Gertrudstrasse 1
8400 Winterthur


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The Pallas Winterthur Dermatology and Beauty Centre is your main point of contact for all dermatological services and beauty treatments.

As your skin health experts, we provide the whole spectrum of dermatological services. We also provide a wide range of services in the fields of aesthetic medicine, medical cosmetic treatments and phlebology.

At the Pallas Winterthur Dermatology and Beauty Centre, you will always be treated exclusively by experienced specialist physicians and medically trained specialists. We only use state-of-the-art technologies and procedures. Our treatments are always based on the very latest scientific findings and technical standards.

At the same location, you will also find the Pallas Winterthur Eye Centre and the Winterthur Laser Eye Treatment Centre.

The range of services we provide at the Pallas Winterthur Dermatology and Beauty Centre includes:

– Medical dermatology

– Aesthetic medicine

– Phlebology

– Medical cosmetic treatments

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