Senda Desertina

Local route No. 680, Disentis, Bahnhof–Disentis, Bahnhof
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Local route
No. 680 (Disentis, Bahnhof–Disentis, Bahnhof)
13 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 540 m • ↓ 540 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1041 m • 1344 m
Hiking time
3 h 45 min
easy (hiking trail)
Fitness level
Relax by the side of the rushing Anterior Rhine and enjoy fantastic views of the Surselva from the Muntatsch. In between, visit chapels and churches with beautiful wall frescoes and dreamy little villages with typical farmhouses in Oberland style. The circular walk is usually passable even in winter.

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