The Hidden Inner-life of the Pinacoteca Casa Rusca


Whoever takes a peek over the Casa Rusca facade can’t help but notice certain features that bear witness to its feudal interior: The elegant little balcony with chiseled railing for example, or the high windows on the upper floor. But whoever crosses the threshold of this abode is nevertheless surprised by the inner world. And of course the courtyard with its loggias and a garden full of sculptures exude a typical and charming southern flair.
The courtyard, garden and all rooms of this 18th century town house are dedicated entirely to art. And the wealth of collections is courtesy of various artist donations. While the works of Jean Arp, among others, are admired on the exterior space of the premises, inside, the villa lures with art by Varlin, Sophie Taeuber, Hans Richter and Ticino-born Filippo Franzoni.

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Pinacoteca Casa Rusca

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