Alter Stadtfriedhof (Old City Cemetery)

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Set in the industrial Baden Nord city district, the green oasis of the Alter Stadtfriedhof is an inviting place for your lunchtime rest or a leisurely picnic.
The Alter Stadtfriedhof was established in 1821 as a Catholic cemetery, but was also used by the Reformed population for burials after 1875. By the the mid-20th century, the cemetery could no longer provide the desired silence and seclusion as it was now surrounded by industrial buildings. The last burial took place in 1949. Since then, burials have only taken place in the family graves. Special features of the cemetery, which now serves as a park, are the conically-shaped cypress flanking the central aisle, the picturesque old groves and individual trees, and the artistic and historically significant family crypts.

Alter Stadtfriedhof

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