Scenic route above Lake Lugano


The steep chestnut forests of the Sottoceneri region offer the ideal backdrop to a hard day's mountain biking.
Discover this for yourself by taking the scenic tour from picturesque Morcote across Monte Arbostora. Sensational views of Lake Lugano will compete with endless single trails for your attention on the second part of the tour. In a word, this tour is a byword for unparalleled biking pleasure in a fabulous landscape. What more could a biker want?
Begin of tour:Morcote
Point of arrival:Morcote
Access starting point:Busses from Melide
Access point of arrival:Busses to Melide
Panorama:Gorgeous views of Lake Lugano
Physical fitness:medium difficulty
Difficulty:medium difficulty
Total altitude meters:655 m
Hiking time:2-3h
Length:25.8 km
Season:January - December
Gastronomy:Morcote, Carona, Carabbia
Various:Village center of Morcote and of Carona

Morcote - Vico Morcote - Baslona - Alpe Vicania - Madonna d'Ongero - Carona - Carabbia - Morcote

From Morcote, take a side street across Vico Morcote and ascend in this fashion to Baslona. Continue onwards towards Carona, past Alpe Vicania and the Chapel of Madonna d�Ongero (Kapelle Madonna d�Ongero). Leave Carabbia and return to Morcote via a long Single Trail requiring biking skill and technique.


Morcote Turismo

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