This old building on the Poststrasse seems rather insignificant from the outside and you may have already walked past it without knowing what is behind the walls. In fact, this newly renovated Baroque building is a real gem. The Graubünden Cantonal Court is now housed here.
Pompous buildings often only impress for a short time before becoming rather boring. But not so this old building. A Baroque structure built from 1727-1729, it is of special interest due to its design as a total work of art. On the site of today's Fontana Park, the politician Peter von Salis-Soglio had an extensive garden established at his residence. The interior of the old building bears witness to his love of detail. One room is decorated entirely in Chinese style while another has a ceiling with inset rock crystals. Elaborate paintings adorn the walls throughout the house.

The owner, the Graubündner Kantonalbank, has restored this old building with great attention to detail and the work was completed in early 2012. The building now houses the Graubünden Cantonal Court.

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