Saastal Bike

Local route No. 165, Saas-Grund–Saas-Grund


Local route
No. 165 (Saas-Grund–Saas-Grund)
16 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 320 m • ↓ 320 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1485 m • 1673 m
Fitness level
The Saastal Bike takes mountain bikers through the villages of the Saas Valley. The route along the river passes Switzerland's only round chapel at Saas-Balen. Fun and variety are guaranteed on the various trails through the magnificent countryside along the Vispa river.
This circular tour begins on the village square in Saas-Grund. After crossing the bridge to Saas-Fee, the route turns right onto various paths, first downstream along the brook, then through a larch forest to the hamlet of Bidermatten. From here, the first descent leads on a country lane to the unique round church of Saas-Balen. Then it's time to pedal as the climb along the river to Saas-Almagell begins. At Bidermatten, the route turns left and descends via the hamlet's meadows to Vispa. In Saas-Almagell, a small lake and various restaurants invite you to take a well-deserved break. Finally, the route leaves the valley via Biele along the paved road on the left. The last climb rewards you with a speedy descent over hill and dale to the hamlet of Unner de Bodme, before returning to Saas-Grund.

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