On Motta Naluns there is a large, sunny Kinderland with magic carpets, tunnels, and a variety of interesting pistes for children and beginners.
Kinderland Naluns is a sun-drenched children’s ski paradise next to the Motta Naluns Mountain Station. There are 3 magic carpets in this Kinderland, one of which is covered and 111 meters long, a ski carousel, tunnels and various learning aids.
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Exact location / area: Motta Naluns (2,148 m.a.s.l.)
Accessibility: Mountain railway
Infrastructure: Magic carpet / conveyor belt, fitness circuit, heated room with games options, children’s nursery
Children’s ski racing: Yes
Size: 5,000 m²
Supervision by children’s ski instructors: Yes, from 9.30 am to 4 pm (with lunch)
Own use without supervision: Yes, free of charge
Try-out lessons: No
Restaurant with view of the kids’ snow playground: Nalunsin

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