The "Hof" in Ligerz is counted among the most beautiful houses on the left side of Lake Biel. The Hof’s romantic inner courtyard, the historic décor of the rooms and the cozy cellar are the ideal backdrop for events on any day of the year.
The "Hof" was built around 1555 by Rudolf von Ligerz on the premises of the erstwhile prince-bishop’s residence and stands today on community grounds in La Neuveville. The building has been in the possession of the Foundation "Rebbau-Museum am Bielersee HOF Ligerz" (“Wine and Vineyard Museum on Lake Biel HOF Ligerz”) since 1970 and was completely renovated in the 1970s.

Offers at the "Hof": Tasting of Lake Biel Wines and Guided Tours for Groups.

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