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Local route No. 615, Lenzerheide–Lenzerheide
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Local route
No. 615 (Lenzerheide–Lenzerheide)
43 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 440 m • ↓ 2900 m
Lowest point • Highest point
588 m • 2322 m
Fitness level
For a leisurely ride and for families this round tour through idyllic countryside offers a lot of fun! With pleasant and gentle declines and slight ascents, this route is suitable even for bikes without extra suspension.
The cable car, equipped with a modern bike transport system, carries bikes and bikers comfortably up to Lenzerheide's local mountain, the Piz Scalottas (2323 m.a.s.l.). Up in the air spend some time to savour the fantastic views of the Albula Valley and the Domleschg region. As soon as you reach the top, you're off: the flowing slope leads directly into a chain of curves that not only require concentration, but also pump quite some adrenaline through your blood vessels. Later, you reach Alp Stätz on small roads and trails. The gentle descent passes the Valbella hostel and goes through Parpan village back to Churwalden. A further nature trail brings you to Passugg, which is the source of a famous mineral water. The roaring creek Rabiosa, in Romansch «The Raging», cuts its way through the Passugg gorge. In 1863 this spring was rediscovered, which is known today throughout Switzerland as the mineral springs of Passugg. Next you drop down to Chur and take the gondola back up to Brambrüesch. From here descend again on a tarmac surface to Churwalden, where you take the chairlift Alp Stätz. On the rest of the tour, the valley with the Heidsee lake is practically always in view. From Stätzertäli, the route continues along alpine roads back to Alp Stätz and on to Valbella. Next destination: the Heidsee lake which has a temperature of over 20° in summer and invites you to take a refreshing dip. Here you can watch windsurfers and sailors before returning to the starting point in Lenzerheide.

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