Ovaverva Indoor Pool, Spa & Sports Centre


Guests at the Ovaverva Indoor Pool, Spa & Sports Centre in St. Moritz can choose from a wide range of services.
The infrastructure includes various pools, a wellness area, a fitness centre, an outdoor sports centre, and the Ovaverva restaurant, which is open to the general public as well as spa guests.

The name Ovaverva is derived from Romansch and its meaning is along the lines of “living, bubbling water”.
Getting there: By bus from St. Moritz train station to “St. Moritz Bad, Hallenbad” or by car (there is a public car park available).

General info

  • Indoor
  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Experience Type: Relax, Active
  • Suitable for: Couples, Families, Individual

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