Vorab Trail

Local route No. 247, Talstation Flims–Talstation Flims


Local route
No. 247 (Talstation Flims–Talstation Flims)
21 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 640 m • ↓ 1700 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1057 m • 2565 m
Fitness level
Superb trails await you here: as nowhere else in the region, there are hosts of different trail types and surfaces to ride. Take the cable car from Flims to Nagens and then climb through alpine terrain up to the awesome Vorab Glacier. At the end, the Nagens and Runca trails are a flow experience in a class of their own.
The fun begins at the Flims base station. With the gondola it’s easy to climb the first 1,000 altitude meters to Nagens. This is where the gravel path to the foot of the Vorab Glacier starts. Even if only 500 meters in altitude are left, you are already at over 2,000 meters here, which makes the ascent a tad more challenging. The rocks and crevasses of the Vorab glacier have been polished by ice and water, an impressive work of natural art - and at the same time a playground for mountain bikers. The single trail descent leads through alpine terrain via Camona Vorab to the Aua della Fuorcla stream. The path, marked as a hiking trail, winds through the rocky landscape and across alpine pastures to the Alp Sogn Martin. A short ascent to Mughels follows, where the Nagens trail starts, specially created for mountain bikes. The Nagens trail is special because it was built 100% climate-neutral, i.e. with electric machines and excavators. Easy at first, it becomes technically demanding in the middle section with rough root passages. At the end, the flow experience is once again in the focus just like on the Runca trail, which takes you back to Flims from the Runca heights. Doubles, tables and waves make for lots of fun, and less experienced riders can simply bypass the obstacles. The Runca trail ends on a small road right above Flims. From here, it's just a few pedal strokes back to the starting point at the valley station.

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