The path to high-quality chocolate starts in the rainforest, long before it happily ends up in our mouths. But how are the bitter cocoa beans transformed into Läderach’s sweet works of art?
The tour offers a fascinating insight into the world of fine Läderach chocolate. Learn where our cocoa beans come from and how the chocolate mass is created in Bilten. Various Läderach specialities can be sampled during the tour, and you can see how they are made by hand at our Ennenda factory. A highlight is our chocolate fountain with three different types of chocolate.
What to expect:
A guided factory tour, from the cocoa fruit to the finished chocolate creations, an independent tour of the museum, walk-in workshop, live production, workshops & events, café, factory store.

General info

  • Indoor
  • Suitable for: Children, Couples, Families, Groups, Individual
  • Execution: Fix
  • Needed time: 1-2 hours
  • Experience Type: Education, Culinary

Group & pricing information

  • Group Size: 1 - 12
  • Price from: 5 CHF
  • Further prices (starting from): Chocolate museum: CHF 5 (= CHF 5 voucher for the shop/café) Factory tour: CHF 40 (incl. CHF 15 voucher for the walk-in workshop and CHF 5 for the shop/café)

Booking Information

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