Baden-Wettingen-Neuenhof Culture Trail

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The Baden-Wettingen-Neuenhof Culture Trail was built in 1991 and runs along both banks of the Limmat River. There are more than 20 sculptures along this path from the wooden bridge between Wettingen and Neuenhof to the wooden bridge in Baden.
The three communities started out with 18 exhibits on the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation with a further three pieces being added in 2012 after a competition for young artists was held twenty years later.

At present the exhibition includes works by Hans Anliker, Vincenzo Baviera, Rudolf Blättler, Toni Cazlaferri, Gianfredo Camesi, Anton Egloff, Thomas Galler, Marianne Grunder, Peter Hächler, Walter Haldemann, Ursula Hirsch, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Theo Huser, Monika Kaminska, Heiner Richner, Lucie Schenker, Roman Signer, Kurt Sigrist, Hans Thomann, Gillian White, Werner Witschi, Markus Zeller, Beat Zoderer, Andreas Lutz and Andreas Guggisberg.

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