Glacier Adventure on Jungfraujoch


Immerse yourself in the glacial world of the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site on a glacier hike and experience the magnificent alpine mountain landscape up close.
Hiking across the imposing Aletsch Glacier is always an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by the most famous 4,000m peaks of the Bernese and Valais Alps, passing imposing crevasses and enjoying a breathtaking view of the immense alpine glaciers.

This unique adventure begins as soon as we collect you from the meeting point and accompany you on the journey by gondola lift and train to the Jungfraujoch. The Jungfraujoch is located on the main European water divide (Rhône/Rhine) at 3,454m above sea level, making this the highest train station in Europe.
Once you are roped up and equipped with a climbing harness and a ski pole, our IFMGA mountain guides will skillfully guide you across the glacier.

As we hike across the glacier, our guides will explain how we promote sustainability and the importance of preserving the alpine glacial region.
One of our focal points is climate change, one of the main causes of glacier melt. You will learn how climate change affects the glaciers, the impact this has on the ecosystem and the water cycle, and the importance of taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to slow down glacier retreat.

The walking distance and the speed of our progress on the glacier can be individually adapted to the needs of your group. After a break, you will visit the majestic Jungfraujoch under the watchful eye of your OUTDOOR guides. Visitors cannot fail to be impressed by this extensive and striking complex, planned and subsequently built in true pioneering spirit at the end of the 19th century.
The Jungfraujoch building is a prime example of sustainable planning and construction. The pioneering construction and the maintenance of the facility are perfect examples of sustainable building and the careful handling of sensitive alpine areas.

We visit the highest vantage point on the Jungfraujoch, the “Sphinx”, the Ice Palace with its examples of ice art, the glacier plateau and follow the “Alpine Sensation” tour, which provides us with musical accompaniment and interesting information about the planning and construction work on the Jungfraujoch. Along the way, you will learn key facts about the construction and maintenance of the Jungfraujoch and the ways in which it benefits science and the tourism industry.

This group activity on the glacier promotes team building, addresses the importance of preserving the alpine region, raises awareness and motivates visitors to make the long-term sacrifices needed to secure the future of the glaciers.

General info

  • Needed time: 4 to 8 hours (full day)
  • Suitable for: Groups

Group & pricing information

  • Group Size: 20 - 300

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