Canyoning in the Malvaglia Valley

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The Malvaglia Valley has several canyoning sites with various levels of difficulty. The upper part has some of Switzerland’s less daunting canyons, which are ideal for trying one’s hand at this sport. The lower part of the Malvaglia Canyon is deep, wet and challenging. Adventure, action and adrenaline are reality here, and not just part of a brochure!
This is an impressive sunny canyon with emerald-green water gleaming on the jagged rocks. Breathtaking, exposed rappelling points and difficult jumps guarantee challenging action in the Orino Canyon. Noteworthy in this valley are also the historic stone bridges spanning the abyss in the forest.

For beginners
The upper part of Malvaglia is one of the easiest canyons in Switzerland and ideal for breathing in some canyon air. The bright, open area makes for relaxed canyoning fun. It includes some stretches that are walked. The two spots for rappelling are not terrifyingly high, but they occasionally lead directly into clear water; the water slides give one a first impression of the various formations. The jumps are the clear highlight of this adventure. With about three hours of pure “canyon time”, this tour is well suited for canyoning beginners.
For experts
The lower part of the Val Malvaglia Canyon is deep, wet and challenging. Here one experiences action-packed rappelling and various techniques in a classical canyon. While it is the ultimate jump-canyon in the upper part, the lower Malvaglia turns into an increasingly difficult, adventurous canyon with spectacular spots for rappelling. Many narrow crevices, deep, bizarre sinkholes, and immense washed out formations in the beautifully grained rock define the canyon.
Some canyoning experience, or at least experience in rappelling, physical fitness and a good head for heights are required: The final rappelling spot is 80 amazing meters high and located on a vertical rock face directly adjacent to a gushing waterfall.
Adventure, action and adrenaline – not just in the brochure!

General info

  • Season: May - October
  • Needed time: 2 to 4 hours (half day)

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