There is a diverse network of ski pistes along the sunny slope of Motta Naluns high above Scuol in the Lower Engadin. The showpiece of downhill runs is located right on the eastern edge of the ski area: the Pista dal Sömi takes you from Salaniva to the pretty mountain village of Sent.
"Sömmi" is the word for “dream” in the Romansh language. The Lower Engadin is also a place for daytime dreams, particularly on the Pista da Sömmi, a beautiful valley run with a delightful width and loads of powder snow. The red-marked intermediate run starts at the top station for the Jonvrai-Salaniva chairlift and then meanders through the broad Val Soèr and down to the Sömmibar. Finally there is a forest piste running to Sent. From there, catch the ski bus back to Scuol.
Starting point: Salaniva (2710 m a.s.l.)

Accessibility of starting point: chairlift, skilift

Destination: Sent (1430 m a.s.l.)

Length: 10 km

Altitude difference: 1280 Meter

Level of difficulty: medium (normal slope)

Food and beverages: on the way and at the end

Gäste-Info Scuol

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