The UnvermeidBAR, together with the Teatro Palino, is THE place for theatre, art and socialising in the Old Town of Baden. Your hostess is Stella Luna Palino.
"Words may deceive but your body will betray you"- Palino took the advice of her former theatre teacher, Jacques Lecoq, and now, after over 30 years of theatre life she does not take off her makeup anymore. This former clown, mime and acrobat is now Stella Luna, theatre-maker, director, chanson singer, poet, tightrope walker and theatre architect, and regards herself as a mere phenomenon that will pass like the clouds in the sky. With its two theatre stages at the Teatro Palino and at the theatre café, the UnvermeidBAR sets the tone despite the prevailing trends and creates a stimulating vitality. In addition to the cultural programme, visitors can enjoy fine theatre aperitifs in the special unvermeidBAR atmosphere.

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