Centovalli – Classic Ticino canyoning

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Easy access and a true classic amid the Ticino canyons: Effortless arrival thanks to funicular rail and fun and adventure particularly suited to beginners!
It’s hard to find an easier way – and where canyoning is associated with long climbs elsewhere, here in Intragna funicular rail saves you most of the effort! After only 5 minutes you've nearly made it to the entrance. Here you discover different levels of canyoning - (easy ones in the upper section and those of medium difficulty in the lower) - all of which offering the delights of typical Ticino canyoning. No wonder Ticino is known to be a European mecca when it boils down to this sport!

Ideal for beginners as well as for outdoor training, with most attractive waterfalls and slides and several optional jumps (up to 10 m), crystal clear pools and abseil spots of medium height (up to approx. 20m).

And following such a tour, the historic Ticino town of Intragna with its quaint grottos offers more natural delights of a more placid nature!


Canyon: Centovalli
Where: Intragna, close to Locarno
Activities: Canyoning
Levels of difficulty: +to ++

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