Alp Nasen – Farming experience in Appenzell


In and around Urnäsch seven Adventure Farms offer visitors various opportunities to experience what it is like to live in the countryside in Appenzell. One of them is the small farm Alp Nasen, where the farmer makes his cheese in the summer.
The small farm Alp Nasen has a lot of room for the goats, cows, calves and the dog that belong to Heidi Kernbichler and Fritz Brunner. The farm also offers adventures for guests: they can embark on a «goat trek» through the soft, wide hills of the Appenzell countryside. Lively goats carry the sausages for the campfire and discover aromatic herbs all around during the trek through the lush green meadows.

Or visitors can wake up with the birds and observe how the cows are milked at dawn and the milk flows into pails. They look over dairyfarmer Fritz’s shoulder while he makes cheese on the alp and enjoy a hearty alpine breakfast, partaking of a slice of his golden loaf of cheese. Guests then see the sun rising over the horizon and explore the magnificent natural world around them after a fortifying breakfast – this experience transports them far away from their daily routine, and to the center of the Appenzell alpine experience.

General info

  • Needed time: 4 to 8 hours (full day)
  • Suitable for: Children, Families
  • Indoor
  • Experience Type: Nature, Education, Active

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