Chamois in the Zwüschetmythen region


If you take an evening walk from Schwyz to the pass between the two Mythen mountains (1 h from Schwyz), you're very likely to see several chamois roving freely at close quarters.
From the Zwischenmythen viewing point (1437m), marked with a large metal cross, your gaze wanders over the valley cirque from Schwyz to Brunnen with Lake Lucerne, and across Lake Lauerz to Mount Rigi.

On the Alptal side is the cosy Zwüschet-Mythen Alpine inn. As well as beverages, you can savour local products from the inn's own meadow here. This meadow, nestled idyllically between the Grosser Mythen and the forest, is on the famous Schwyz Panorama Trail from the Sattel-Hochstuckli region to Hoch-Ybrig. Mountain railways take you from Rickenbach near Schwyz to the Rotenflue and from Alptal (Brunni) to the Holzegg. Accommodation is available in the romantic Holzegg ski hut or in the Holzegg mountain inn.

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