The old thermal baths of Craveggia

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The ruins of the old Craveggia baths are easy to reach on foot from Spruga, though you will have to wade across the Isorno because the spa is located on Italian soil on the other side of the river.
The hot springs at the far end of the Onsernone Valley were first documented in the year 406. They take their name from the little town of Craveggia in the Valle Vigezzo, the continuation of the Centovalli towards Domodossola.

The bath house was built from 1818 to 1823, followed in 1881 by the hotel. The foundation walls are still visible today. Yet the Craveggia baths did not attract many visitors because of their remote location and perhaps also because the spring yields just 12 litres of thermal water per minute. In 1951 the baths were engulfed by an avalanche from the northern, Swiss side of the border and almost completely destroyed.

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