Safien Valley Legend Trail


Encounter mysterious stories and characters, such as the "Wättermannli", along the Legend Trail from Thalkirch (Enthälb) to Safien Platz. Welcome to the legendary Safien Valley in the Beverin Nature Park !
The delightful Safien Valley in Graubünden is home to a rich variety of legend. Ten of these are featured on panels set along the Legend Trail from Thalkirch (Enthälb) to Safien Platz. Each of the panels makes reference to the surrounding landscape. So, for example, as you look around you will know why there are so many stones on the ground in the Bächer Forest. And when you’re at Camana you’ll be on your guard against the "Wättermannli".

The Legend Trail follows the Safien Valley Walser Trail. It is very well signposted in both directions and is perfect for families.

At various guesthouses and shops along the way you can purchase a copy of the book (the Sagenbüechli) explaining all the legends for 10 francs. You can also listen to the legends in the Walser dialect on the Nature Park app.


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Tip: Download all the legends while you are at home or at a guesthouse with WLAN connection. Reception along the trail is limited.

General info

  • Outdoor
  • Needed time: 4 to 8 hours (full day)
  • Experience Type: Nature, Education, Active

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