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Regional route No. 65, Andermatt–Airolo


Regional route
No. 65 (Andermatt–Airolo)
31 km
Ascent • Descent
↑ 1100 m • ↓ 1350 m
Lowest point • Highest point
1175 m • 2242 m
Fitness level
Mainly the old pass road and old mule paths lead up to the legendary Gotthardpass. From the bleak high-mountain landscape on through the Valle Leventina, a thrilling downhill run through forests and ancient hamlets to the traffic hub of Airolo.
It seems barely possible that horse-drawn carriages used to struggle up the bumpy roads and across the mountain. The Gotthard Pass has always been one of the most important north-south connections and the historic route now forms the basis for mountain bikers to conquer the mountain pass mostly away from traffic. While many bicycle riders will choose to ride down the legendary Tremola from the top of the pass over countless cobblestones, the mountain bikers take a small military road to climb up another 150 meters to Passo Scimfuss. This is where a wonderful high-level trail to Cal Canaria starts and the long downhill section to Airolo. A fast run on a small mountain road takes you down to the valley floor of the unspoilt side valley of the Leventina district where the ride continues a bit slower on the road along the steep wooded cliffs. It ends directly in the centre of the town of Airolo.


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