Located on the slopes of Moléson, this is the largest ski area in the Fribourg Alps. It offers a wide variety of slopes. The lower part is also suitable for beginners. This icontrasts with the descent from the summit, which is considered to be very difficult and demanding.
The top of the Moléson affords views over most of the Fribourg region. The view also includes the Bernese Alps, the Jura mountains and reaches as far as Savoy. This magnificent panorama is yours to enjoy along the entire downhill run from the 2,002-metre-high summit to Gros Plané. The black-marked slope is only suitable for experienced skiers. Starting with a very steep, bumpy passage, it then crosses a wide snowy boulevard that seasoned skiers can enjoy negotiating with a series of powerful swings.
Starting point: Moléson (2002 m a.s.l.)

Accessibility of starting point: chairlift / gondola lift

Destination: Les Joux (1270 m.a.l.)

Length: 4.2 km

Gradient: 700 Meter

Level of difficulty: very difficult (mogul slope)

Food and beverages:
at the start, at the end

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